Disney Infinity: Marvel Super Heroes Playsets

Disney Infinity: Marvel Super Heroes Single Figures

Asker Anonymous Asks:
you have a typo in your last post - shoes instead of socks
fuckyeahmarvelstuff fuckyeahmarvelstuff Said:

Thank you anon! ^///^

(goes off to die of embarrassment now)

Marvel Socks from Kohl’s

Guardians of the Galaxy Movie Goods by Toho Stella in Japan

Marvel Shoes from Payless

Classic X-Men POP Bobble-heads by Funko 

Marvel Itty Bittys by Hallmark

Captain America: The Winter Soldier Dual Alarm Clock Speaker System by EKids

Stark Industries Iron Man 3 Series (Limited Edition, Gaming Keyboard) by E-3lue 

Loki Flap Wallet from Hot Topic

Guardians of the Galaxy Headphones from Barnes & Noble, Disney Store, & Toys ‘R’ Us

Marvel Plus Size (3XL and up) Apparel from HerUniverse

Marvel Dresses from Hot Topic

Marvel Wall Clocks from EntertainmentEarth