Captain America Top from Torrid

Captain America Top from Torrid

Avengers Car Sunshade from SuperheroStuff

Marvel Socks from Spencer’s

Marvel Tank & Undie Sleep Sets from Rue21

The Hawkeye Hoodie has returned to Hot Topic!

Marvel Women’s Clothing from ThinkGeek

Captain America Yoga Pants from SuperheroStuff

Captain America Cardigan from SuperheroStuff

Baby Groot Design from CafePress


The height of mutant fashion! They’re among our most popular duos on the site, and our all new Gambit & Rogue Leggings are here; get them + more new fashions in Marvel

i think it'd be kind of cool if you did click-through links so we can buy the cool marvel stuff. but i'm glad i found your blog.
fuckyeahmarvelstuff fuckyeahmarvelstuff Said:

Ok, it’s been awhile since I’ve gotten this sort of question, so I’m going to go ahead and post this.

I don’t post links on purpose.

That’s because only 10%, maybe 15% tops of what I post is exclusive to just one store (and the majority of that is convention exclusives). The vast majority of what is posted here is available at numerous different chain stores, not to mention all the online & local comic book shops. So the reason why I don’t post links is because you should be googling the items to see who has it for the best price or the most convenient way to get it.

So let’s take the Black Widow Costume Hoodie for example. The hoodie is currently available at three stores: HerUniverse, Hot Topic, and ThinkGeek. Now do I link everyone to HerUniverse since that is the designer’s website? Or do I link you to Hot Topic because it’s cheaper there. Do I link you to all three? Maybe that last option would be viable if Tumblr would automatically update the post on everyone’s blogs when I edited it, but since Tumblr doesn’t work that way, I would either have to wait until I could find each item on multiple websites or have to keep reposting the same items over and over again with new links. Neither option is a good one, and frankly that’s a whole lot more time than I have to devote to just one blog.

So what I try to do is provide you with the name of the item and the designer/manufacturer if possible or at least one store that you can look for. I am always willing to answer any questions privately if you are having trouble trying to track something down, but I have no plans to include click-through links in my posts.

Guardians of the Galaxy Mystery Mini Vinyl Figures by Funko

Guardians of the Galaxy Tops by HerUniverse & ThinkGeek

Iron Man Mark III (Construction Version) by Hot Toys

Rocket Raccoon Hooded Backpack from the Marvel Shop